As Andy French

Andy’s latest release as a solo artist can be found on Spotify.


The Hollowkind

Although The Hollowkind is now defunct you can still hear their music on Spotify or SoundCloud.

And here are a few bits left over from Andy’s work with The Hollowkind which weren’t previously released.


Here you can listen to a few examples of music composed, performed and produced by Andy French released under the Dissimulator moniker.

Unfortunately the previous Dissimulator releases Transmundane (released June 2008, UPC 859700816493) and Black Light (released July 2008, UPC 859700837597) have been withdrawn.

A number of the following tracks were originally part of the Black Light album. The Black Light project allowed Andy to explorer his musical roots so there are influences here from rock, blues, jazz and even dance music. At times tongue in cheek, at the core of everything is the guitar.

Very much a solo effort, Andy is playing pretty much everything except the drums. That means that guitars, vocals, bass, harmonica and synth programming are all done by Andy.