Gain staging in Cubase 10

Here are just a few quick notes about gain staging in Cubase 10. Nothing comprehensive here; these are just my notes to remind me how to set things up.

Step 1 – Setup the mixer

Activate “Pre” in the racks settings of the mixer.

Step 2 – Set mixer faders to zero

Next, set all the track faders to zero. The faders do not operate on a linear scale so it’s easier to make fine adjustments at the top of the slider’s range. We will modify gain for each track later using the Gain slider in the PRE section of each track.

Step 3 – Set track levels to -18db

Now we can use the Gain slider in the PRE section of each track to set the level to be around -18db. Doesn’t have to be super accurate. Keep the track sliders at 0.

Step 4 – Get on with it

Now you can get on with mixing your track.


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