Melodic minor modes – Lydian Augmented

Scale formula

The formula for the Lydian Agmented scale is:

R - 2 - 3 - #4 - #5 - 6 - 7

You can see this scale is similar to the major scale Lydian mode, the only difference being the #5. The term ‘Lydian’ suggests a #4 and ‘Augmented’ a #5 (#11).


  • Maj7#5
  • Maj7#11

Possible extensions/tensions: 9, #11, 13


  • Lydian Augmented chords can be used instead of a
    • I chord.
    • V chord.

We can borrow this chord (maj7#5) and force it on to a I chord. The tonality is quite dissonant but it works. When you think about it, we can already play Lydian over a I chord. This is just an extension to that.

You can also substitute your V chords for maj7#5 chords.

Use the Lydian Augmented scale to play over these substitutions.

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