Exercises for playing 6th intervals

I have given up playing scales note by note as an exercise. It’s boring and – more importantly – I blame that sort of practice for ruining my sense of melody when improvising. I still practice scales but like to use intervals (e.g. 3rds and 5ths).

Here’s a quick post with some exercises for playing scales using the 6th interval rather than note by note. Remember that a 6th is an inverted 3rd too, so it’s quite a musical interval.

Remember to play each section ascending and descending. These are the exercises I do so other players’ fingerings may vary. I’ve stuck to an A root for each of the 7 modes. Transpose accordingly and as required.

Download “Exercises in 6ths PDF”

Exercises-in-6ths-1.pdf – Downloaded 1656 times – 49.36 KB



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