Triad chord library (Part 1)

Something I have been very lazy about is thoroughly learning triad shapes. So I thought I’d make a start with the first set of basic shapes for major minor, diminished and augmented triads on the first 3 strings of the guitar. This post will include fingering diagrams for those triads.

Other posts in this series can be found here.

A quick reminder about triad construction. A triad contains 3 notes – obviously – which are the root, 3rd and 5th. Those intervals vary according to chord type like this:

  • Major R-3-5
  • Minor R-b3-5
  • Diminished R-b3-b5
  • Augmented R-3-#5

Triad Shapes - Part 1 (Strings 1 to 3)

Triad Shapes - Part 2 (Strings 1 to 3)For the next set go to Triad chord library (Part 2).

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