Ibanez PT9 Phaser

Ibanez PT-9 Phaser

Okay, here is an interesting little effect peddle – the Ibanez PT 9 Phaser. To be honest my PT 9 didn’t get the use it deserved. The phase effect is really quite subtle and gets lost when using a high gain amp setting (which, let’s face it, I did all the time at one point). However, I have come to realise that with cleaner tones the PT 9 produces a sweet warm phase that is very usable indeed.

The PT 9 features 3 controls: speed, feedback and width. The speed control obviously controls the rate at which the internal oscillator changes the phase effect. The feedback control is really a mix control varying the amount of affected signal that is mixed with the natural guitar tone. Finally, the width control varies the modulation of the phase effect – higher settings mean bigger phase sweeps.

In the audio clip below I have used the PT 9 in combination with the Plexi Jump Lead amp and 4×12 Green 25’s cab models in the POD XT Pro. The example tune has a 60s Woodstock guitar vibe about it and I’ve used the Kramer Pacer Deluxe and have selected the single-coil neck pickup. The PT 9 is set to about 60% speed and has both the feedback and width controls dialled all the way up to 100%.

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